Greg Roth(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing and your personal visit!
Tom Bell(non-registered)
Thank you, Roberre. These are wonderful.
Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!
thanks for sharing your amazing work! totally love your angles and colours.
Dennis Hole(non-registered)
Very noble, and very impressive!
H. S.(non-registered)
Your works are clearly underrated! Thank you for those amazing photographies.
Cat Fraser(non-registered)
Thank you Robert for allowing the share on Yazidi Times
Erica Wetzler(non-registered)
I am a humanitarian worker, working with an organization involved in helping refugees and displaced people in Northern Iraq. I saw your photos on BBC and was moved by the story they told of the Yezidis..... I especially liked the one of the elderly women, wearing the traditional white, sitting next to the gnarled old tree.
Jamie Chans(non-registered)
What a fantastic web site you have!
robert bob lalas
Wow amazing i found unique pictures that will inspired me a lot to work hard. I just need to study more so i will become pro photographer just like you.
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