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I began photographing Kurdish hands several years ago, not realizing at the time what an intrusive project I had undertaken. Instead of looking at me behind my camera looking back at their faces, they tolerated my inexplicable fixation with their hands with bemusement and patience. This photographic portfolio is yet another avenue to explore the diversity within the Kurdish people.
Playing the Bilül - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)At Lalish - Iraqi Kurdistan (2008)Shaping Stone - Mardin, Turkey (2007)Shoe Shine Boy - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)Cobbler - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)Blond Tobacco - Karacadağ, Turkey (2010)Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2008)Faqir Soaking Wicks in Olive Oil - Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2008)At the Ulu Cami - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)At the Ulu Cami - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)Weighing Tomatoes - Karacadağ, Turkey (2010)Village of Talhuke, Mount Ararat Region, Turkey (2008)Father and Son - Diyarbakir, Turkey (2007)Village of Djumushlu, Mount Aragatz Region, Armenia (2008)Yezidi Snake Handler - Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2010)Peshmergha - Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2010)Coppersmith - Şanlıurfa, Turkey (2010)Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan (2012)Playing the Zambora - Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2010)

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