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Lalish is the spiritual center for all Yezidis - in cosmology, history; and, contemporary ritual, worship, and community. It is located in a compact verdant valley in the Yezidi heartland of what is now northern (Kurdistan) Iraq. During the major feasts, especially the 7-day autumnal "Feast of the Assembly," and the Yezidi new year, the valley overflows with joyful Yezidis of all ages.
Lalish Valley, northern Iraq (2010)Passageway to Sanctuary's Forecourt, Lalish (2014)Lighting Candles at Nishangah, Lalish (2008)Baba Sheikh in the Sanctuary's Inner Courtyard, Lalish (2012)Entering the Sanctuary, Lalish (2009)Making Wishes in the Assembly Hall of the Sanctuary, Lalish (2008)Waiting for the Sa'ama Ceremony to Begin, Lalish (2011)Leaving the Sanctuary of Sheikh Adi, Lalish (2012)Three Yezidi Women in Outer Courtyard, Lalish (2012)Yezidi New Year (Sere Sal) Celebration, Lalish (2014)Paying Homage at Nishangah in Inner Courtyard, Lalish (2008)Yezidi New Year (Sere Sal), Lalish (2012)Qewaals before Sa'ama Ceremony, Lalish (2009)Yezidi Militia, Lalish (2009)Entryway to Sanctuary of Sheikh Adi, Lalish (2014)Sheikh Mirza at Khatuna Fakhran Shrine (qub), Lalish (2009)Lalish (2007)Dyed Hands for Yezidi New Year (Sere Sal), Lalish (2012)At the Candle Lighting Ceremony for Sere Sal, Lalish (2014)

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