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In April 2015, 8 months after the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) ravaged the Yezidis of the Sinjar area, I returned to Iraqi Kurdistan to visit Yezidi friends. I found amazing grace amidst wrenching losses, ongoing hardships, and universal uncertainties. With permission, I offer a small collection of photographs to help you understand.
Robert Leutheuser, October 2015

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Sisters - town of Ba'adre, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)New Shrines - Xanke, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Listening to a Story of Escape - Shariya, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)In the Afternoon Sun - Xanke, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)A Hero's Bed - Xanke, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Untitled - Zahko, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)After the Tea - Xanke, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)A Month's Supply - Essian Refugee Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Unanswered Pleas - Essian Refugee Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Sunlight - old village of Shariya, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Bearing the Burden At the Sanctuary Door - Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Extraordinary Grace - Xanke Refugee Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)More than Survival - Xanke, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)Untitled - Zahko, Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)

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