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On August 3, 2014, the self-proclaimed IS (Islamic state) unleashed an unholy genocidal attack against the Yezidis living in the Sinjar (Shingal) Region of northwestern Iraq. Through these and other photographs, and speaking engagements, I hope to reach others that they may better understand the Yezidis who are being so brutally victimized.

These photographs were shown in an exhibit entitled, "What Was Lost in the Sinjar" at a Kurdish Studies Conference held at the University of Central Florida in cooperation with Soran University, in January 2015.

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Children collecting water at Kobê Sheikh Adi on Sinjar Mountain (2009)Faqir Khider - Sinjar region Iraq (2012)Sheikh Romi qub (shrine), Sinjar region (2012)Member of the Djawana Tribe, Sinjar region (2014)Replastering Sheikh Ali Shemsa shrine, Sinjar region (2012)Pir Mahalo with Son - Sinjar region (2009)During Restoration of a Yezidi Shrine (qub), Mount Sinjar (2014)Mejewar and Wife inside of Sheikh Shems Shrine, Sinjar region (2014)Seyfey. Sinjar region (2014)Fakir Haider - village of Karsi, Sinjar region (2009)Ivdil Omer Mausoleum – Sinjar region (2009)Sheikhs of the Sheikh Mande tribe Handle Snake at Celebration, Sinjar region (2012)Silk cloths hanging inside Sheikh Qurish qub, Sinjar region (2014)Sheikh Qurish qub, Sinjar region (2014)

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