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I first visited the Kurds in 1997, and since 2001 I have returned annually to the region. Although I had previously visited all of the countries that include portions of geographic Kurdistan, I thought it important to travel throughout Kurdistan in a single travel. So from August through October, 2008 I traveled through western Iran, Armenia, Georgia, eastern Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, and northern Syria. The insights gained from such an immersion were deep, the pleasures immeasurable.

(The photographs are presented by country in the order of travel.)
In the Park - Piranshar, western Iran (2008)Asaf - Merivan, western Iran (2008)Piranshar, western Iran (2008)Weaver - Village of Uraman, western Iran (2008)Village of Uraman, western Iran -  August 2008"Aza" - Yerevan, Armenia (2008)Sheikh Usoyan - Djamshlu, Aragat Region, Armenia (2008)Tital's Daughter - R'ya Taza, Aragat Region, Armenia (2008)Tital's Grandson - R'ya Taza, Aragat Region, Armenia (2008)Horse Tombstone - R'ya Taza, Aragat Region, Armenia (2008)Sheikh Mirza - Lalish, northern Iraq (2008)Norey - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Datiko - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Roshoyev Feroyan - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Anna - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Cobbler - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Balgo Rasin's Funeral - Tbilisi, Georgia (2008)Village of Tahulke, eastern Turkey (2008)Minivan Stop - Van, eastern Turkey (2008)Ibrahim - Village of Tahulke, eastern Turkey (2008)

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